refocusing during winter

Awaiting the next season

The flowers have withered and fallen. And the leaves have blown away. Colour is all but gone. and the hours are short in the day. The fog rolls in along with the crisp chill in the air.

As of this year, i have mothered 3 of my daughters at home and have got all of them to school now.  Having my business, with being a stay at home mother, and farmers wife, at times its been tricky. So the light at the end of the tunnel for me was to get my youngest to school, and then ill flourish. There was always a little excitement with this in mind, and so many big dreams to achieve. I gave myself the task, to spend this year flourishing. No children at home (aahhh except for covid put a little spanner in the works there) When i say ‘flourishing’ i mean, growing. Filling my mind with all things flowers, growing the garden and planting for the new season to come.  Not filling my days and weeks to the absolute max, but more so focusing on putting the energy where its needed.  Ive retreated to my floral studio and enjoyed creating for me. Finding the colours and texture that define who i am and my brand. Ive enjoyed countless teas and coffees whilst indulging in new books (floral related) and listening to amazing podcasts. All very inspiring. The girls at girlflowerpodcast have made me feel like im in their lounge room having a chat, learning and laughing about floral business highs and lows. Then from this podcast ive discovered so many more floral lovers particularly Botanical tales.

As stated by Bex Partridge, everlasting floral artist    and author of a wonderful book using dried materials. ‘My work centres around the life cycle of a flower – from the seed right through to the creation of the art I create with the everlastings I’ve grown.’

I just loved this. The life cycle of the flower, from seed to the point where we as florists create with them. I did get inspired and created some wreaths using dried and forage materials, and just enjoyed the moment of creating right then and there. Just awaiting.  I have tended to my garden and planted lots of new things. Thank you, i now am completely obsessed in Dahlias. And i now await the next season.  Under the cloak of winter, lies a miracle beneath. Im learning patience and stillness in this season, getting ready to grow.



Amanda Bahr