my floral styling

In the beginning

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood is licensed under CC0

I have always begun journals, and never stuck to them. Life just happens and every day rolls into the next.

But im at a point in my floral journey that I have been doing so much thinking, perhaps I need to get it out and on paper.


Im going to start at the very beginning and see where this takes me. I have become completely ignited this year with growing veggies and flowers from seed, that perhaps is a reflection of where I am at.

Am I the first leaf that is unravelling in spring, popping up from dormancy, or am I the withered dry leaves left in summer ready to fall?

After the year that has been, im leaning towards the dry bit. As i write, we are harvesting our crops on the farm, its also the  juggle of end of year school, florist business, and other commitments, and we are a little bit tired.

But then im coming out of the winter…the dormancy…the season of being a stay at home mother for several years and im so enthusiastic about my passion I want to share. So perhaps i am in new growth.

I will aim to keep my entries brief but a snippet of My Floral Styling journey.

My Floral Styling

There is a little girl, freckles on her nose, strawberry blonde hair, playing ‘gardening shows’ outside, talking to her audience- Missy, the Labrador dog, explaining how to plant a bulb. Thanks to her mothers love of gardening, and watching shows on such topic, at that time a seed was planted.

Taking a plate of morning tea somewhere, always was adorned with a little posy of pansies, or wrapping birthday presents of course had some rose buds to finish off the decorations.

Something that I love to do to this day. The little floral touches are what brings joy to me and the person receiving.

I still now enjoy watching those shows Australia and reading books or magazines full of floral inspiration like and leaving the window ajar for my 3 daughters, to also enjoy the love of flowers, nature and being outdoors.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite is licensed under CC0


I cant get them in trouble for picking leaves and blooms and buds off my plants, and leaving bits on my potting bench everywhere, because that was once me.

So i always was, and will be inspired by flowers. Read along to follow MY FLORAL STYLING journey.

my floral styling

Amanda Bahr