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The wonderful impressionist artist that captured the beauty of nature.  His paintings of ‘meadow like’ gardens release the warmth of colours and magic of flowers.

Our property based in country Australia NSW/ Riverina is called            Meadow View,   Meadow meaning  ‘a piece of grassland. and View ‘a sight, typically of attractive natural scenery’. Its been in my husbands family for generations, and is a cropping farm and Poll Merino Stud. …...nothing much to do with a Meadow, however im a florist, so of course im going to read into this name and say”I think we should plant a Meadow of flowers”.

For quite some time i have looked out a window and been dreaming that, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a real picture view, at a sweeping garden meadow, full of natural self seeding flowers, just dancing.

I have been touched by so much inspiration this year, perhaps due to our enforced slowing down, and i have discovered some amazing people in the floral world.

Erin from Floret https://www.floretflowers.com/    Yes this is on the other side of the world, so not in our same climate or season, but come on. Would you look at those Dahlias. This is heaven.  I grew Dahlias in a patch last year, for the first time, and it was love at first sight.

Everything from the abundance of harvest, to the colours, to the stem length, to the folding of the petals, they are incredible. Not going in my Meadow, but seeing Florets books https://www.floretflowers.com/books/   immersed me in a world of beauty that i can not forget. I am hooked on these Dahlia bulbs and have a wonderful stash of them to plant this coming year.  I know already they will take up my socials feed instantly.

Inspiration has come to me this year in learning the art of ‘slowing down’. My youngest daughter went to primary school this year. (then came back due to homeschooling, but went back again) I did set myself the goal to just enjoy this first year of having ALL 3 daughters at school now, and see where it leads me. To have time to re focus on myself, my business, and seek inspiration. So i discovered podcasts and one thing lead to another and i found what felt like, my oldest friends. 2 english girls that had great conversations with florists.

 The https://girlflowerpodcast.co.uk/kept me company and sane in lockdown and i loved listening to the floral journey of others.  We are lucky enough now to have a flower farmer podcast called https://anchor.fm/dishingdirt that has gone ‘in search of local flower farmers, to share their knowledge, passion and insights into the flower industry. Having fun along the way!’ A weekly conversation that provides more inspiration.

So from artworks, to incredible flower farmers, to podcasts, and then to Insta Lives and classrooms i have discovered some gentle souls that share their floral knowledge and world with you.https://willowcrossley.com/

The floral workbench and lockdown conversations with Willow Crossley have been so relaxing. Her style to floral design has been another inspiration to me, to create loosely and naturally whilst being a mother. I do tend to forage from the roadside for myself, but now look forward to including so much more foliage’s and textures in my creations.

And lastly on the list of complete inspiration over the last few months has been the ever so calming mentor https://www.ponderosaandthyme.com/ I have invested in my business over the last few months, and that being in myself as a soul owner and creator,  and taken the time to rejuvenate. Katie has shown me a whole new aspect of floral design and the enjoyment of the PROCESS of creation, as i have participated in her online classroom.

I know there are so so many more people out there in the floral industry from my own area who are inspiring, and i know those ive listed are from the other side of the world, but thats whats made the journey even better. To know that there are other mothers and wives striving to do what they love as a business everywhere, all over the world.  To grow within themselves and not compare to others, to have a dream and plant it and watch it grow, and to nurture yourself along the way.

If you haven’t already checked out any of these wonderful inspiring people, i urge you to do so.  I will also keep you updated on how my Meadow grows on my socials https://www.instagram.com/myfloralstyling/  and Contact

me if i can create something for you locally.

There is a WHOLE flower community all sharing the same excitement.

x My Floral Styling


Amanda Bahr