creating with summer blooms

Summer blooms

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.  A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summers wave goodbye.

But here we are, in the middle of the heat, in the festive season of an AUSTRALIAN summer. Christmas has been and gone, and a new year has crept in.

You can only do garden walks early in the morning, or late in the evening, and risk mozzie bites. Thank fully though, on the farm we got rain this last year just gone, so our dams have been watering the garden well. RAIN would be very welcomed right about now though, as the middle of JANUARY is about to produce a few days of 43 degrees. And i just wilted a little typing that.  43 Degrees. This makes me sad. I hate this weather, and all my little babies growing in the garden will not stand up to this. I have been picking some beautiful Dahlias lately, just that first flush before autumn kicks in, and heres hoping the forecasted weather will not zap the life out of them completely. Up goes the shade cloth!

These hot months are our families “go slow” days. School holidays call for relaxing mornings not in a rush to the bus. Afternoon swims and easy dinners by the pool. Farm work still occurs, but on a more relaxed vibe.  And i enjoy my time with the girls, and not trying to keep flowers alive for weddings and events.

I get time to create at home in the studio, with whatever grows in the garden, and replenish supplies and energy to begin the new year. This year 2021, i will go forward with an open mind and allow any covid pandemic restrictions to naturally take place, but not rock my business to much. Last years weddings have rolled over into this year, so it will be wonderful to get to create for these couples who have postponed. HOWEVER i will not be taking on many more weddings this year, as i continue to focus on servicing my local town with gift deliveries and work on building my communities awareness that there is a FLORIST IN OUR TOWN….SO WHY NOT SAY IT WITH FLOWERS.

Anyone who knows me, knows i am very passionate about what i do, and am totally consumed by the idea of one day….one day….having my very own flower shop. A place to share.

florist shop

SUMMER ALSO CALLS FOR dreaming and inspiration. Why not?  What consumes your thoughts as you relax in summer and think of the year ahead in your floral business or journey?

Perhaps its our heat that sends my mind off drifting away. Some of you are in the opposite season on the other side of the world and rugged up dreaming of the new year ahead. either way;  to stay positive and keep moving forward with your work, your dreams, is important. This hot dry season of summer will blend into cooler months in the not too distance future. We will continue to spend our nights watering to keep some lawn green, and some dahlias and roses blooming.  The school term will soon click into action and it will be all systems go in the household. So for a few more days ill keep my head in the clouds, and keep dreaming, and enjoying the summer blooms.

Amanda Bahr